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Me: So… I got an offer from Famous British University. They don’t accept transfer credits though, so I would have to repeat my first year. Them: Another year? You won’t … Continue reading

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In Ten Years’ Time: A Fantasy

Eunoia is a globe-trotting teacher who has worked in Taiwan, U.A.E., and South Africa. She currently resides in Israel, where she is working with a documentary film crew to report … Continue reading

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Reaching for the Stars

No one ever said how much your toes will tingle as you stand on tiptoes, reaching for those stars just out of range. Or that the brighter it shines, the … Continue reading

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The Monologue

She wore a patterned blue dress that made her feel confident. He wore a trendy hat, which showed he put in some effort despite his otherwise casual attire and made … Continue reading

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I thought I had lost my words again, When in truth I had numbed myself too much To hear them. Or else I was running too fast for them to … Continue reading

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